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Louvanona Simpson
Ms. Simpson donated a one acre
property that will be the future site of
The Liberating Lives, Inc.
Residential Training Academy.

Thank you for your generosity!

All donations are tax-deductible.


Business Donors


Individual Donors

  • Gwen Bowens

  • Amber Briggs

  • Darlene Corbert

  • David Ditto

  • James A. Goins

  • Donna Jones

  • Lawanda Levell

  • Ben & Dearell Mack

  • Dee Dee-Mack

  • Hermaira Mitchell

  • Sean Nemitz

  • Jeri Perlmutter

  • Karen Perlmutter

  • Jennifer Pullano

  • Mickey Rosenblum

  • Louvanona Simpson

  • Andrea Smiles

  • Levi Wright

  • Earthalee Smalls



Thank you for your support!

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