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I Got A Testimony(IGAT)

Testimonies of the lives changed through the initiatives of our women's ministry .


"God has placed Mrs. Moore in my life. She is a hard-working woman and she is the reason why I have a strong relationship with God today. She taught me to love myself as well as others and how to be a strong Godly woman."


- Brianna Simpson

"I really appreciate everything you have brought to this unit and I share your testimony and other spiritual conversations and bible studies you have had with us. Out of all the church people we have, I really feel a sincere love and connection for the Lord when I pray with you and sit in on your studies. I pray the Lord keeps you here with us. Thank you."


- Shaw

"I think I speak for all the ladies in this jail who have had the chance to meet this wonderful lady of God. She gives me strength, because of how strong she is. She teaches me because the Holy Spirit lives within her. Her presence is full of grace. She gives me hope as a child of God to move forward in life and pray as much as I can. She helps me be content with God and myself putting no one before him. Mrs. Moore has been in my life for 10 months and may God grant & bless us with many, many more."


- Alexis Grant

"I have known Mrs. Moore for about a year now. She is such an amazing woman on the inside & out. The bible lessons that she teaches are great. The journey she carries us on is very touching. By the time she completes a lesson, almost all the ladies are in tears. Mrs. Moore has been a big inspiration in each of our lives. I really appreciate her taking the time from her busy schedule to come worship with us. Being able to praise God with her is truly a blessing. I am forever thankful to have met Mrs. Moore."


- Sarah Timmons

"Since God placed Mrs. Moore in my life, I have become a new me. Mrs. Moore has helped me in so many ways. God is really working through her to help us, women, here at this jail. I met her 7 months ago. And since that day, my life has never been the same. She showed me how to praise God, she showed me how to get honest with God, honest with myself and with other people. She’s shown me how to forgive myself and how to ask God for forgiveness for my sins. She showed me how to pray. There are so many things I have learned from this beautiful woman of God. I thank God for her. Through her, God has changed me. I am a better person today. I have more patience than I ever had in my life. I am content with where I am. It feels good waiting on God and allowing him to do his will, not my will. Mrs. Moore, thank you for taking the time to help me and the other ladies get to know God."


- Tammy Adderley

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