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About Us

Liberating Lives, Inc. is comprised of people with a common goal of helping formerly convicted women begin a successful journey after incarceration. Our vision is to support a victorious reintegration and assimilation into society, thereby reducing recidivism. Additionally, our organization aims to create a safe space by establishing a residential training academy to develop personal and professional life skills needed for becoming valuable members of society.

Our Mission

  • To help formerly incarcerated women transition successfully into society.

Our Vision:

  • To support former female inmates to overcome reintegration challenges associated with assimilation back into society and reduce recidivism.


Our Goals:

  • To build the Liberating Lives Academy residential training academy for recently released women.

  • To implement the Liberating Lives Academy Curriculum (LiLAC) that will include Life Skills Education to become a valuable member of society. The curriculum will consist of Principles of Self Development, Healthy Relationships, Career Development Training to enhance the job search process, Interviewing Skills, Resume Creation, Dining Etiquette, Internships, Life Coaching, Budgeting, Parenting, Healthcare, and Continuing Education Support.

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